Nengjie LU
Managing Director

  • Bachelor degree from Guangzhou First Military Medical University (now Southern Medical University).
  • He joined Hosencare Brothers in 2017 and has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare investment, M&A and operation management, and is responsible for post-investment services for the fund's invested projects.
  • Prior to joining Hosencare Brothers, he was the general manager of the pharmaceutical industry at CSC Capital, and worked at Haihong Holdings (now Guoxin Health, 000503), responsible for the formation, operation and business development of the pharmaceutical business sub-platform.
  • He was the director of a pharmaceutical factory, responsible for the daily management of 7 dosage forms and more than 230 employees, with rich practical experience in GMP plant site selection, construction, equipment selection and GMP inspection and acceptance.

Peng SU
Managing Director

  • B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • He has 10 years of experience in equity investment, focusing on medical devices, medical services and biotechnology, with typical investment cases including: Huadao Bio, Centronics -Diagnostics, etc.

  • Prior to joining Hosencare Brothers, Mr. Su was a senior investment manager at Jiuding Capital and an investment director at CSC Capital, where he led investments in Samsung Healthcare (601567), Superstar International (02393), Lotus MSG (600186), and completed the acquisition of a dietary supplement company by Zhendong Pharmaceutical (300158).


  • Master of Management, University College London, UK; Bachelor of Management, University of Warwick Business School, UK
  • Prior to joining Hosencare Brothers, she had rich experience in China-US business cooperation with International Data Group and GlobalSF.

Qingge FU
Investment Manager

  • Master of Finance, George Washington University, Bachelor of Economics/Mathematics, University of Toronto
  • Before joining Hosencare Brothers, has worked in Department of Investment and Finance of Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association. Responsible for project docking and implementation in the medical and health field, and presided over activities related to investment and financing services in the medical industry   

Jiayu WU
Investment Manager

  • Master of Business, University of New South Wales, Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney
  • Before joining Hosencare Brothers, has worked in Jiangsu Wen Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai North Bund Financial Research Institute, has accumulated extensive experience in investment analysis.

Jinwen LIN
Investment Manager

  • Master of Public Administration, The Cornell University, Bachelor of Bioengineering, Jinan University.
  • Before joining Hosencare Brothers, has worked in the Office of the Directors of New Hope Group, responsible for the financial coordination of various regional platforms and business segments of New Hope Group at home and abroad, and helped to complete multiple cross-border investment projects.

Yifang MA PhD
Investment Manager

  • Master of Laws, Peking University, American J.D., Bachelor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
  • She has extensive experience in Investment analysis and industry research. Possess a Securities Qualification Certificate, Fund Qualification Certificate and has passed National BAR Examination.

Mingjie TIAN PhD
Investment Manager

  • Doctor of Biology, Peking University, Bachelor of Biological Science, Nankai University.
  • She has years of scientific research experience in the field of life sciences. Long-term focuses on CAR-T therapy, stem cell therapy, microbes and other fields, and completed a number of research results.  

Rui SU
Senior Investment Manager

  • Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Administration, China Pharmaceutical University
  • Before joining Hosencare Brothers, She has worked in Heng Rui Pharmaceuticals Research Institute and Sanofi (China) Pharmaceutical Core Products Division, engaged in R&D information analysis, medical information research, and has years of market analysis and industry research experience in the medical and health field.

Tao WU
Investment Director

  • Master of Banking and Finance, Loughborough University, UK, Bachelor of Finance, Nanjing Normal University
  • Before joining Hosencare Brothers, has worked as the Institutional Sales Director of Gopher Assets. In line with the central business strategy, developed and maintained banking, insurance, securities, trust and other institutional clients. Before this, he worked in Minsheng Bank Suzhou branch and Financial Supervision Bureau in Suzhou Xiangcheng District, has a deep understanding of the investment and financing environment and enterprise conditions in Jiangsu

Yunlong YAO
Investment Director

  • Master of Biomedical Engineering, Southeast University, Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering, North Sichuan Medical College
  • Used to be the senior investment manager of Nanjing Dynamic Balance Investment, responsible for the investment in medical equipment and information technology. Before joining Dynamic Balance Investment, he worked at Shanghai United Imaging Technology, led and participated in the development of a number of nuclear magnetic resonance products, R&D, registration and design transfer as the head of the system engineering department, and as the technical person responsible for after-sales service and after-sales of nuclear magnetic resonance products in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui

Yitao XU
Head of Suzhou Office

  • Master of Finance Management, Pace University, Bachelor of Finance, Nanjing Normal University
  • Has more than 10 years of experience in product investment, sales and research in financial market, and as an individual investor in the consumer and technology fields. Before joining Hosencare Brothers, has worked as the director of Gopher Assets and the head of institutional business., Vice President of Citibank and General Manager of Huiyang Capital, a private equity investment platform under Everbright Financial Holdings.
  • Served as a preferred stock research analyst for the North American headquarters of UBS Wealth Management Research Department, and was the President of Wilshire Associates in China, responsible for sales, research, operations and products for customers in China and the United States localization.
  • Currently a member of the Council of Outside Mentors of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, an outside tutor of Soochow University and Renmin University of China Suzhou branch, founder of ToastMasters Wilshire branch

Haoteng ZHANG PhD
Head of Nanjing Office

  • PhD in Life Sciences, Tsinghua University, Taiwan, postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology, Tsinghua University, Taiwan, visiting scholar at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. Has three patents in the medical and health field, has published 55 high-quality SCI papers, and presided over 16 major scientific research projects.
  • Long-term focuses on investment in the medical and health field, typical investment cases include: OncoResponse, Aravive Biologics, Taiwan Zhong En Biomedicine, Baijitide Bio, Cixin Medical, etc.
  • Before joining Hosencare Brothers, has worked as the managing partner of Shenzhen Rongyu Capital and the vice president of Touhu Network Technology Asset Management Company.

Executive Director

  • Master of Finance, Clark University, USA, Bachelor of Engineering, Tongji University
  • Joined Hosencare Brothers in 2018 and is currently the head of the back office, responsible for investor relations and fund operations.
  • Before joining Hosencare Brothers, she was the vice general manager of the research center of Zero2IPO Ventures (HK:01945). The types of cooperation clients covered mainstream participants in China’s equity investment industry. Entrusted by social security funds, insurance funds, government guidance funds, market oriented FOFs and other institutional investors, led the team to complete the commercial due diligence of the fund and completed strategic planning and fund plans for the equity investment business of dozens of large enterprises and investment institutions.